Automate your hotel room service with QRoom

Save time, track customer behaviour, create marketing campaigns and drive return business.

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Hotel guest journey

Scan the QR code

Order room service


make a reservation

Contactless Pay


Keep guests inside your hotel ecosystem

Guests spend €1100 per week on average for goods and services outside of your hotel. Display what you offer at your restaurants, bars, spa centers and all other services you provide and prevent guests from searching alternatives like Wolt or Glovo.

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Improve your hotel service and increase orders and reservations


Better understand customer behavior and adapt your offer to suit guest needs.

Pop-up ads

Guide guest behaviour with pop-up ads inside the QR Menu.

Special offers and events

Inform your guests about upcoming events and emphasize special offers to increase sales and reoccurring revenue.

Display offers from external partners

Partner with external service providers (day trips, transport,...), and drive traffic to their sites.


Here is what they say about us

"Domestic wit and dexterous hands designed a digital assistant in hospitality and conquered the world - in three clicks."Translated from Dalmacija News
dalmacija news
"Dot Your Spot recognized the market potential and designed three integrated products from which both guests and restaurants benefit greatly."Translated from Dalmatinski Portal
dalmatinski portal
"Pride of Dalmatia: IT experts, young, innovative and enterprising."Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija
slobodna dalmacija
"Split has a bright future on the startup scene; these young people are changing the world around us with their ideas."Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija

Luxury and adaptive designs

statistics revenuestatistics revenue


€55 /monthly

€ 50 installation for hotel complexes with up to 40 rooms.

€85 /monthly

€ 75 installation for hotel complexes with 41-80 rooms.

€130 /monthly

€ 150 installation for hotel complexes with 81-160 rooms.


Create a custom plan according to your needs with 24/7 hour support.

You get a world class product with custom integrations, dedicated support providers and face to face product training.

Got questions? Boom,answered!

Do I need to contact you for every menu change?
No. You have full access to the administration panel and can make all menu changes yourself in an instant.
Do my customers need to download an app?
No. All your guests have to do is scan the QR code with their mobile phone cameras.
How do I track customer behavior?
You have full access to Analytics tools that give you comprehensive guest information.
Do I need to delete an item from our room service menu every time it runs out of stock?
No. You have quick and easy access to the hide option that allows you to temporarily remove items from your menu with one click. You can again show that item, also in one click.
How do I display my events and special offers?
You can add events and special offers in the administration panel. Those events and special offers will then be displayed in specialized categories inside the digital menu. You can also add pop-up ads to further display anything you want.
How does it work?
First your guest scans the QR code, and then orders service they need.
How many languages can I translate my menu on?
14+ languages are available for you to choose from.
Where are orders received?
Orders are received inside the respective section of the administration panel. Access to administration panel will have your reception, manager or everyone you want according to your business model.
Do you offer Wi-Fi access through your QR code?
Yes! You can place Wi-Fi QR code on your QR code sticker or plexiglass.
Can I export QRoom offers and print it?
Yes. You can export your online menu to PDF or EXCEL formats.
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