QR Pay,
a reliable electronic payment service for you and your guests

Streamline your payment process for all parties involved. No app and no download required!

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Our QR payment solution allows you:

Faster Turnover

Guests can order and pay their order in less than 60 seconds, which significantly speeds up table turnover and increases revenue.

To nurture the bond between waiters and guests

Save your waiter from technical chores and let them completely focus on their guest.

Increase tipping

Customers are more likely to tip when paying digitally and the turnover increase brings more tipping opportunities for your staff.

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QR code payment system enhances customer experience

Elegantly designed online menus offer important information to your guests and guide them to your products through:

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Let your guest split their bill and choose payment methods

QR Menu boosts your visibility and increases revenue through:

Email Campaigns

Send tested campaigns to your guests and drive repeat business.


Get to know your customers and adapt your offer to suit their needs.

Pop-up ads

Guide guest behaviour with pop-up ads inside the QR Menu.

Special offers and events

Inform your guests about upcoming events and emphasize special offers to increase sales and reoccurring revenue.

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Here is what they say about us

"Domestic wit and dexterous hands designed a digital assistant in hospitality and conquered the world - in three clicks."Translated from Dalmacija News
dalmacija news
"Dot Your Spot recognized the market potential and designed three integrated products from which both guests and restaurants benefit greatly."Translated from Dalmatinski Portal
dalmatinski portal
"Pride of Dalmatia: IT experts, young, innovative and enterprising."Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija
slobodna dalmacija
"Split has a bright future on the startup scene; these young people are changing the world around us with their ideas."Translated from Slobodna Dalmacija


DotYourSpot provides free integration with different payment gateways. Stripe is one of our strongest payment provider partners and is the most used payment platform in the hospitality sector.

Our integration is also compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, various cryptocurrency payment methods and all major credit card providers.

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And various cryptocurrencies


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Logo placement


2 saved menus


Up to 3 languages


3 main categories

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€32 /Month


Logo placement


5 saved menus


Up to 5 languages


4 main categories

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€40 /Month


Logo placement


10 saved menus


14+ languages


Unlimited main categories

Got questions? Boom,answered!

How long does it take for money to be transferred?
The money transfer is instantaneous!
Do I need to contact you for every menu change?
No. You have full access to the administration panel and can make all menu changes yourself in an instant.
Do my customers need to download an app?
No. All your guests have to do is scan the QR code with their mobile phone cameras.
How do I track customer behavior?
You have full access to Analytics tools that give you comprehensive guest information.
Can you connect QR menu with POS?
Yes. You can connect your QR menu with various Point of Sales service providers including Remaris POS, Apple POS, Stripe POS etc. For additional info Contact us.
Can I export my menu and print it?
Yes. You can export your online menu to PDF or EXCEL formats.
How is the exchange rate calculated?
For price conversions, we apply the middle exchange rate directly from the European Central Bank. For payment options with foreign currency, the respective payment terms are applicable depending on payment method and currency. For additional info, please contact us.
Can guests pay with multiple card providers or crypto currency?
Yes and yes!Payment with different card providers and even crypto payment options are available!
Who is your payment provider?
Our main payment provider is Stripe.
Do I need to delete an item every time it runs out of stock?
No. You have quick and easy access to the hide option that allows you to temporarily remove items from your menu with one click. You can again show that item, also in one click.
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