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Whether you own a restaurant, diner, club or a hotel wanting to simplify your business processes and connect with your guests or you are said guest simply looking for a place to eat and have a good time, DotYourSpot has your back.

about us
about us

How we started

The idea for this project was born when our founder, Zlatko Kovačić, went to dinner with his girlfriend. He rarely finds the seat at that place so he asked himself „Why can't I find a seat here? Why can't I know in advance if there are any seats left?” Then it occurred to him to develop something what could help everyone to reserve a table. From that seed he gathered the team and started building on the idea.

What we have done

Mobile Order & Pay

During the development of the idea, quarantine struck and the world stopped. We put our thinking caps on and came up with the idea of contactless menus. Our contactless menu became the market leader in Croatia. We didn't stop building on the idea so we developed QR Pay system and QRoom

about us

Where are we now


Our journey is not over yet and we are working tirelessly on upgrading existing and creating new hospitality solutions. We are dedicated to offer technology that raises guest satisfaction while optimizing business processes for our partners. Through our enterprise projects, we've already helped create significant synergies between large brands and SME business owners. Our digital products have contributed to the modernization of thousands of small and medium sized restaurants, bars and clubs. Our end goal is clear: We want to create one large and healthy ecosystem with our software and hardware solutions that bring together brands, owners and guests and create the best hospitality experience for everyone!

about us

Our partners


Meet our leaders

Karlo Đuderija
CTO/ Co-founder

Head senior programmer, overlooking development and maintenance of all company projects.

Šime Jozipović
CSO/Co- founder

Head of legal department and in charge of creating and implementing short-term and long-term strategies.

Zlatko Kovačić

In charge of making all managerial decisions and charged with maximizing company value.

Matej Šalinović

In charge of revenue generating processes and in charge of DotYourSpot sales team.

Damir Sabolić
Head of cyber security

Head of cyber security team and in charge of protective monitoring, testing and incident management.

Karlo Bosiljevac
Head of Hardware Design

Design and develop hardware components and solutions for projects within an organization.

Petra Kos
Creative director

Head of the creative team, responsible for designing software and company marketing efforts.

Josip Volf
Hardware Engineering Director

Directs and oversees all aspects of hardware engineering activities within an organization.

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