€106 installation
€25 each subsequent year of subscription
The installation cost includes:
1)Design of the individualized labels for each catering facility, including QR generation
2)Possibility of payment through the QR price list system.
3)Printing of a total of 40 plasticized QR stickers of high quality, resistant to weather conditions.
4)Full access to our database of food and drink images.
5)Entering the entire price list into the digital price list system, including, if necessary, entering pictures and descriptions of food & drinks (approximately 2-6 hours of work).
6)Entry of the entire price list in Croatian and English
Additional services, which are not included in the price:
1)Translation of the price list into a foreign language other than Croatian and English - €133.
2)Production and design of individualized plexiglas substrates per piece - €4.50 plexiglas tiles, €5.20 free-standing plexiglas, €7.50 double-sided plexiglas.
3)Production of additional stickers per pack of 40 stickers - €20.00.

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